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Zach Bogle

Originally from Centerville, Iowa Zach moved to the Des Moines area to pursue a career in Barbering in 2014. He graduated from the American College of Hairstyling in August of 2015 with a license in Barbering and started his career downtown Des Moines where he cut hair for 6 years before opening Heartland Barbers. Book with Zach if you're looking for any modern or traditional haircuts or any of your beard/facial hair needs.


Kevin Espinosa

Kevin is a graduate of the American College of Hairstyling after graduating in June of 2021. He was originally born in Mexico but has spent most of his life here in the State of Iowa in the Des Moines area. Kevin is a well rounded barber with experience in all hair types and ethnicities. If you're looking for a talented barber with a passion for hair, then Kevin is your guy.


Kendale Schwering

Kendale is an experienced barber originally from Centerville, Iowa that specializes in traditional barber haircuts and is swift with the straight razor. Before becoming a barber, Kendale spent 4 years in the Air Force serving our Country. He is a great conversationalist with excellent customer service. If you're looking for a lifetime barber, Kendale is your guy.

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